Mrs. Bash

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #9

First of all, I really loved the video by Sir Ken Robinson. It was completely captivating and informative. Our students need to learn in schools what they will use in their lives. They WILL be using these kinds of technology in their work and personal lives in the future and so should be using them both as an end unto themselves and as a tool to help the meet the learning objectives in our classrooms. Students should be held accountable for every piece of learning in the classroom. If you do not, you will not know that learning has taken place. I tried out a couple of the learning sites that were listed. I especially like Mangahigh because of the appeal of the cartoons and the variety of levels and games/activities available. I think this would be a very engaging way for students to practice a math skill in a work station/center. It is also easy to hold them accoutable because you can track students once you have entered them into the class rosters. I also liked because of the variety of activities in a variety of subjects. As far as apps, I liked these: Title: Add Em Up Lite Function: In this game, touch and drag across one to many cells, then release. If the amount is less than the target total, those cells are removed from the board. If the amount is equal, the cells are removed and you get a bonus. Dungeon Geometry Lite Dungeon Geometry is an educational serious game which allows children [Ages 4 - 7 ] to understand basic geometry concepts. The child explores the dungeon, collects items, fights with Greek mythology monsters while triying to solve cool educational puzzles. With four different types of activities which take place in a physical touch environment, children will: - Develop the sense of space - Recognize and classify geometry objects - Be familiar with geometric transformations in 2D such as scaling, reflection and rotation - Have fun and help your children learn with fun basic geometry concepts.

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  1. We will be uploading your students into Mangahigh the first of September to make it even easier for you! I think Mangahigh is a great site. There are not only the games but the Prodigy quizzes that are quick assessments of student mastery. There are lots of great apps out there. Have fun!